finally bought the air tickets to uk!visiting europe by yourself really needs a lot of preparation, which is quite out of my expectation.first,u need to find for the cheapest air tickets,then you need to calculate the distance between the places that you want to visit.finally, you need to deal with the payment and the online booking problems.well,if you have money,you dont need to deal so many things.but its quite interesting to find ways to save money when you do not have much least i know where i can buy the cheapest air tickets,haha.if someone pay for all the things you want,you cannot learn things and grow up.

yes,i do.i do feel guilty that i use my parents’ money to travel to some places that they hv not yet been to.but i promise that i will bring them to those places one day.i promise.

finished reading My sister’s keeper few days the story very is the second fiction that makes me cry. love the idea of the story,love the theme of the story,and i even love the cover of the book.start reading Big fish now.for me,it is not necessary to have book stores as long as there is a book exhibition every year.everytime when i finish reading all the books that ive bougth at last year exhibition,the next exhibition comes.

had my fundamental of nursing exam today.finally i find out that its aim is to find out your potential to be a gives you different scenario and asks you for going to have logic and argumentation exam on this cuming monday,which makes me quite nervous.i got the lowest mark among the class last time…needa work really hard this time.V.





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