this is korea

england2paris paris2germanyfrance

and this is europe


im using my laptop n i cannot type chinese at the moment cos ive left the “number pad”at hall n thus cannot use 9fong…needa learn chuk sing or chong kit later after exam or else im going to type eng for the rest of my posts

its raining heavily outside but it cannot cover my excitement at all,AT ALL.i like the sound of the rain n i like watching the rain thru the windows.it gives me the feeling that the rain is washing off the dust on the building n plants.

ive never thought that i could visit several places outside hong kong within a short period of time before,but it is going to happen!i am so lucky that i can go to both korea n europe in the cuming june.i know im a lucky girl who can do whatever she wants n does not meet many difficulties in her life.im satisfied with my sku life,im satisfied to be a nurse n im satisfied with my family n fds.

btw i dunno y i could not search for many pictures for korea or seoul, but i know that im going to take more photos by myself!

i always hv a list of countries that ive been to in my heart, and there will be three or more added to my list in this cuming summer vacation!hope that i can travel to all the places on this planet one day,hahaha.

needa prep for tmr exam.all i want is a C grade or above.aha.gd luck for my exam: )


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